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Cold Brew Iced Tea

Iced Tea – A Life-Essential in the South

If you live in the South, or have ever lived in the South, you know iced tea is one of the life essentials.

Not so in the North. The Air Force once flew me (and a number of other pilot trainees) up to New Jersey (from Laredo) to attend the funeral of one of our classmates. A sad occasion, but that can be a story for another time. The point was that while I was up there, we went into a restaurant for a meal, and when the waitress asked what I wanted to drink, I said, “Iced tea, please.”

She looked at me for a moment as though I had sprouted tentacles, then she said, “But it’s February!” The idea of someone wanting iced tea in winter was totally alien to her. Continue reading Cold Brew Iced Tea

Cutting The Cable – UPDATE!

In one of my previous posts, Cutting The Cable – And Saving $2000 A Year, I described how I took every last piece of equipment Comcast was renting to me back to their office, and told them to stop all services except internet.

Now, nearly two years later, I have learned a few things that might help other cable cutters, but I’m still VERY happy with this move. Continue reading Cutting The Cable – UPDATE!