Tree Fall

At 5:05 this morning (December 28, 2015), a tree from our yard fell onto our house. Blessedly, it only hit a glancing blow, and no people were injured. Only a bit startled, as this email from my son-in-law attests:

From: Daniel Clem
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2015 5:59 AM
To: David P. Miller; Jan Miller
Cc: Shelley Clem
Subject: Oak Succumbed to Gravity

David and Jan,

At approximately 5:05 am I immediately assessed that the intruder breaking our front window was merely a tree branch and did not need 2 pounds of lead inserted into its abdomen. Upon a more thorough inspection I perceived that a much larger conspiracy was at hand.

This small branch that so rudely disrupted our REM cycles was a small, yet successful, part of an full size oak tree plot to destroy the front porch overhang, pierce the roof in many areas, and rip off shingles and gutters as if they were an elderly lady with a heart for Nigerian royalty.

Amidst this ruckus and a new found energy I went ahead and salvaged what would have become a BB travesty. The cardboard is only a temporary fix to our window to reduce the rain  storm sounds and humidity surging into our quaint sleeping quarters.

Now as I return to dreams of sugar plums that dance in my head, I hope this message reaches you after a good night’s sleep.


Here are the pictures I took first thing this morning.
(NOTE: Each thumbnail picture will show the full-resolution image when you click on it. I don’t usually upload full-rez images, but these are included in case the insurance company needs to download them, or if we need them for any … “misunderstanding” between us and the insurance company.)

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